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Wedding Reception Flowers - What You Need to Consider:

The formality of the ceremony is over. Now it's time for fun! Your wedding reception flowers will give the room a sense of celebration and style. When we are planning wedding reception flowers for a client, we will consider the following types of arrangement:

  • Top Table Arrangements
  • Wedding Tables Centerpieces
  • Wedding Cake Flowers
  • Room Decoration and Pedestals Arrangements

Top Table Arrangements:

The top table is traditionally decorated with a large 'Long & Low' arrangement in the centre in front of the bride and groom. If you have a large number of guests on a long top table you could have three arrangements along the table or even consider a modern flower trough type arrangement. These type of arrangements can also be used at the civil ceremony table and then later transferred over to your reception venue so utilising the arrangement twice. Another idea for the top table is to run a garland along the length of the table. This can either be arranged in a straight line along the top of the table, or in swags at the front of the table.

Wedding Tables Centerpieces:

Table centerpieces can set the feel for the room, so it is important to get it right. They can range from a simple posy for an informal wedding, to sophisticated and ornate arrangements. Remember you arrangement should not prevent guests from seeing and talking to each other. Either go for low arrangements that you can see over the top of, or tall thin arrangements where most of the flower action is high up.

Wedding Cake Flowers:

Flower arrangements on the wedding cake can either be small and dainty or large and bold. It depends on the look you are trying to achieve. Small roses of the same colour theme to the bride's bouquet always looks good. A design similar to a corsage can be up and this works very successfully for cake tops. I created the flowers in the example which shows a nice decorative look without overpowering the cake. All of the flowers on the cake are real. Another tried and tested idea is to have a solid layer of flowers in between the layers of a tiered cake. obviously do not use poisonous plants or flowers such as holly berries. Also avoid using flowers or foliage that tend to shred leaves or pollen such as asparagus fern. If you don't want flowers actually on the cake you can have a small bouquet placed on the cake table to the side of the cake.

Room Arrangements:

To complete your wedding reception flowers you need some room arrangements. A cost-effective way to decorate the room is to go for a few large arrangements. These create a big impact. You can place the arrangements on pedestals just as people enter the room or either side of the top table. The arrangement shown in the example is on a traditional pedestal stand. This arrangement was transferred from the church so utilising the arrangement twice. Another popular idea is to have an arch of flowers. This is  agreat idea to the entrance of your marquee. Alternatively you could mark the entrance to a room, church or marquee by placing a couple of bay trees either side of the entrance.

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